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Help Nagging Prostate Problems – Instead of Resigning Yourself to Them!

If you’re among the 90% of men who are sick and tired of countless nighttime trips to the bathroom … the stop and start when you try to go … the lagging libido … the discomfort … and all the other symptoms of prostate issues, then you’ll want to know about Prostorix™.

Prostorix contains 11 highly effective prostate supplement ingredients shown to help deliver the prostate relief you’re looking for – FAST.

Prostorix® natural prostate supplement health formula harnesses the power of 11 prostate “superstars” in quantities and dosage levels that make a real difference in your health and comfort.

Together, these ingredients help restore and maintain the health of your prostate … end the dribbling, urgency and nighttime wakeups … and help revive and support this crucial organ.

Just two capsules a day contains all the fuel you need to help keep your prostate well-nourished.

What Every Man Should Know About His Prostate: It Needs All the Help It Can Get!

Left on its own, the prostate doesn’t age well at all. At some point of your life, prostate problems are practically a certainty.

The facts speak for themselves: Fifty percent of all men under 50 suffer from prostate problems. Eighty percent of all men over 60 years old suffer from them. For men in their 70s and older, the rate climbs to 90%.1

The bottom line? To avoid prostate problems, men must go the extra mile and arm our prostates with all the ammunition we can muster. And thanks to Prostorix™ you can!

The “Dynamic Duo” for Prostate Health

First, Prostorix™ our prostate supplement delivers two of the most important nutrients for supporting your prostate, according to research:

1. Saw Palmetto

You’ve probably heard about Saw palmetto and its benefits for prostate health. Saw palmetto is packed with fatty acids, plant sterols, flavonoids and polysaccharides that help prostate swelling and promote healthy urinary function.

In one study, patients taking 320 mgs of saw palmetto experienced significant improvement in peak flow rate and the reduction of nighttime bathroom trips. But most impressive of all are the skyrocketing Quality-of-Life Scores. A whopping 87% reported an enhanced quality of life after using saw palmetto.2

2. Beta-sitosterol

Beta-sitosterol has a long history of use in Europe for supporting prostate health – and for good reason. Research shows that beta-sitosterol helps slow the production of 5-alpha reductase, an enzyme that causes your prostate to swell.3 As a result, it can help improve urinary symptoms and urinary flow related to prostate related health issues.

In one study of 200 men with prostate problems, half the group received 180mg of beta-sitosterol daily, while the other half received a placebo. After six months, the beta-sitosterol group saw a dramatic improvement in urine flow and the amount of residual urine in the bladder compared to the placebo group.†4

You need BOTH saw palmetto and beta sitosterol, in the right balance, to experience the full benefits. Prostorix™ contains this dynamic duo in the clinically researched amounts – helping you experience real relief, fast.

As important as saw palmetto and beta sitosterol are for prostate health, this comprehensive formula is just getting started…

Our complete prostate supplement formula also includes 9 additional vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that help your prostate stay strong and healthy.

You’ll find…

  • Quercetin. This antioxidant found in apples, berries and red onions is an abundant source of phytochemicals and natural anti-inflammatory compounds. Researchers at the famed Cleveland Clinic recently discovered that men taking quercetin showed a significant reduction in prostate discomfort.†5
  • Stinging Nettle Root Extract. This safe, well-researched root extract has a calming, anti-inflammatory effect on your prostate. Research shows that when it’s combined with saw palmetto and other nutrients, it helps reduce prostate size and support strong, healthy urine flow.
  • Pumpkin Seed Extract. Pumpkin seed is literally packed with health-enhancing nutrients supporting prostate health. Two European studies found that pumpkin seed had beneficial effects on the prostate – especially when combined with saw palmetto.†6
  • Lycopene. Basically, the more lycopene in your prostate — the better. However, your levels of lycopene decline with age. Studies suggest that this extremely powerful antioxidant can help support normal prostate size and overall prostate function.
  • Zinc. You may have heard that zinc is important for a man’s reproductive health — and for good reason. Your prostate uses 10 times more zinc than any other tissue or organ in the body. Even a temporary zinc deficiency sends your testosterone level plummeting — which will take your sex drive down with it. That’s why a prostate formula wouldn’t be complete without this essential mineral.
  • Ginger root. Ginger has been used for centuries as an overall body support tonic — and recent studies show it helps support your prostate, too. It’s a powerful antioxidant that contains natural anti-inflammatory compounds. Plus, research suggests that it helps promote healthy cell growth, especially in the prostate.†7

Finally, Prostorix™ includes Vitamin B6, Vitamin D and Selenium – three essential nutrients that support your urinary tract and help boost overall prostate health.

Don’t let a touchy prostate hijack YOUR life – make it stronger and healthier with Prostorix™

Imagine driving for hours on end without making extra pit stops … sitting through entire movies, plays, or concerts … playing a full round of golf without that annoying urge to go … sleeping all night long and wake up refreshed and ready for anything.

Prostorix™ can help make a difference today…and in the years ahead.

Prostorix™ Prostate Supplement vs. Those Other Brands: The Results Speak for Themselves!


  4. Berges RR, Kassen A, Senge T. Treatment of symptomatic benign prostatic hyperplasia with beta-sitosterol: an 18-month follow-up. BJU Int. 2000 May;85(7):842-6. PMID 10792163

Taken as directed, Prostorix will help to…

  • Promote healthy urine flow…
  • Support better bladder emptying
  • Give you more sexual confidence
  • Relieve nighttime urges to go
  • Support prostate and urinary healthv
  • Deliver real relief at last

Enjoy life on the go… not always going. Prostorix can make a real difference.

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